How to put a Hindu in Jail

About 1900, a Bengali Mahanta observed that no body is talking good about the Hindus. In next fifty years, his part of the world was Bangladesh, the Hindu properties were declared as enemy properties. Hindus were driven out. Bengalis became intellectuals, communists and some of them christians and europeans.

No body talks good about hindus …Again.

the gag order on hindus is extreme, they can’t talk about their history -( the only one that produced audacious interpretation beyond history- For Bharat, the universe was always more than 2000 years old, it was a cosmos.) Bharat before western influence respected the Brahmins, now the highest intellectual brand is ‘Dalit’ – if a harijana  perceives as being offended  , it could mean jail to a Brahmin .Though it is never used as an individual right of Harijana, it is more of a political tool, used by others  to intimidate hindus.

The other ways Indian govt can jail a  hindu is

  • By dowry laws ( this is more strict than the anti terrorist law -All a married woman has to state his perception that he was slighted because of less gifts(Dowry) )
  • By anti-harijana laws (how strict is that ? A non bailable warrant is issued against a cabinet minister because a Harijan felt slighted by his speech.)
  • By standard hate speech  laws – though they haven’t been applicable to insulting hinduism.
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The Harijan is banned ! Poor Gandhi.

Post Sepoy Revolution, British and western intellectuals had developed two strategies to attack Bharat.

  • The Hindu -Muslim Religious devide
  • Anthropological differences ( imagined and real) applied to hinduism- with focus to hindu castes popularized as ‘untouchables’.

Gandhi’s work can be viewed as having  blunted vicious attacks on these fronts – As he walked through dead and saw religious  violence,  with misery and pain overpowering even the giants, Gandhi’s focus  was to reclaim non-violence. The alternative – destructive specter of creation ‘land of pures’ couldn’t have been  a victory – unless one withdrew into a cocoon with a fairy Janat reserved for the martyr.

More violence, would have meant more muslim votes for Jinnah, thats a practical difficulty. There Gandhi Failed, when it mattered, his opponents – the left and british helped Jinnah win.

In another front, British had taken little too much, probably buoyed by exploiting linguistic issues into racial ones (as in meaning of  Dravidian as a  race)  in Tamilnadu. The Brahmins, now described as a race, were attacked by the british intellectuals in other parts of India, even though linguistic differences were not as prominent in tamilnadu.  Here the europian mode of attack started with social arguments, leading away from Bharat towards ideas of racial history – racial history as developed in europe.

Gandhi never attacked the historical, anthropological or racial ideas of british – then called scintific ideas .However Gandhi blew the social argument by accepting it. He  created a big brand around ‘Harijan’ ,  without calling for  a Jihad on Brahmins – the priest of hindus. While British succeeded with Jinnah, here they failed with Ambedkar.

Therefore  ‘Harijan’ is quite a big Gandhian approach to complex mundane issues, as much as Hindu-Muslim religious co-existence without distrust to create a ‘land of pure’.  With  the focus on non-violence, truthfulness , the Gandhian universe was free from the world of perpetual revolution, or a historical one bound by burden of civillization. The Gandhian Bharat was quite an inspiring place.

In the social justice era, This social argument  has been re-integrated with original  colonial anthropological  theme, as well as understanding of civilization-   spread through linear dimensions of purpose and history .  Morality of  non-violence can quite be sacrificed for revolution. Truthfulness for politics and a relativism. Imagination is   better captured by  revolution and hope.

It is understandable , Now it time for ‘Harijan’ to go.

The word ‘Harijan’ is banned from use from Odisha  state assembly in India, instead they would use the term  Dalit . As far as colonialist and europeans are concerned,  ‘Harijan’ had killed the potential to spread european tales of racial history and burden of civilization. ‘Harijan’ got quota, but Jinnah’s pakisthan took on a different magnitude of denial- revalidating the burden of civilization-  as far as hindus are concerned.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Prahlad Jani

I googled on the subject…Following are some of the hillarious comments :

I don’t believe any real scientist would waste their time with this…” Posted Cyrenity. DoesItMatter replied  “I agree all real scientists should spend their time researching only Bible, Egypt and Israel related stories.” .

It is funny  in a sense, europian scholarship ( ie economists, historians and sociolgists…when they are not political scientists)  put a hundred years into India to understand it using  skull measurement and caste=marxist class/race analysis .


This is from an Australian newspaper comments section :

  Many posts trash it with question of where from  he is getting energy , Mary replies : Some of you people have a few issues with the power of energy sourced from something other than McDonalds.

  Energy from McDonalds indeed draws imagination of lot of worlds .


This is from an article :

I have to say, the yogi’s explanation is rather anti-climactic. I was hoping for something more philosophical or at least more sci-fi-ish, as if he had developed the ability to transcend this dimension and exist in some fifth dimension that is beyond our current understanding.

Talking of transcending dimensions, Deepak Chopra style, indeed make it  sci-fi-ish, though I am somewhat bored by that talk.


  Even Xinhua news agency had a better headline “82-year-old Indian yogi claims good health after fasting 65 years” than hindustan times “Godman ‘starves’ for 70 years, baffles doctors‎ “ . The HT headline was a subjective statement, the “Mataji”,  or impersonal descriptions like “Yogi” is changed to derogatory godman.  “Starves” is a derogatory word, an economic and compassionate subject rather than indepdent one- Xinhua got it better – it used “fasting” . It proves Chinese will do better in national affairs than the mass of corrupted folks from New Delhi. Elsewhere The rationalists prove to be a bunch who can compete for the title of  ‘Talibans’  in their good day.


BTW, found this interesting video.

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Herbert Risley , Raj and Indian Nation

Risley lives on…Though most are unaware about him…Myriad of separatism,acrimony –  geographical and caste traces to this gentleman. As do myriad of modern research in sociology , economics….Therefore I was disappointed by this  article, by one of sensible columnists .

  • Risley was no mere statistician collecting data. He had a background and faith in western ideas of race. Discredited ideas of quantitative race measured through pigments, buttock sizes , deviation of european master race’s standard were popular ideas of Risley’s time, these were  thought as the secrets to understand nations and colonies.


  • Europe had this word called nation, the word that mostly conjured up rigid uniformities, most are despotic in one way or other.  The European story looked to identify agents of history that moved it forward– The historical agents such as nations, classes  were  Mostly fighters and groups of history… . Most infamous of the uniformity that constituted a nation included uniform pigments, nose sizes…etc – In its extremes, it was the  nazi idea. Comparatively less atrocious, but more vague was Fascist conceptions.Communist idea had classes as agents of history, fighting with each other. Nations were utopian ideals with  uniformity of  finances….But  communists as a practice use the race idea to find their bread and butter – that is the classes.


  • With these primitive ideas, the criticism of colonial scholars on Indian nation is worth the trash. It is annoying and need to be disposed.


  • Some of the ideas of Indian nationalists on nation are little tortuous, more hypothetical. For example, one is utterly confused with the big picture of Acharya Binoba Bhave ( One of my my childhood heroes), except that he was trying to hizack the communist argument .  In mundane world people are different. The idea of fascist, socialist and imperial unity is not local to Indians. The only way Indian nationalists came up with the  uniformity was by using highest ideas of hinduism, the ideals that applied to Brahmanas and Sanyasins. The highest of Hinduism are too much for ordinary :-  it encompasses the world, world is none but the self . It denies the world…The world is unreal . Any uniformity based on these highest ideas is bound to be doomed. These were maeant for a different class of people, who stayed in their own confines and wandered in forests and Himalayas.


  • The modern cult of multi culturalism makes it more difficult to criticize the fascists, communists and colonists… It just removed the obvious criticism  of dictatorship and slaughter…However a new quest for multicultral uniformity may be  yet another virtual world, multiculturalism is doomed as a minimum uniform culture.


  • Indian nationalists should have rejected  outright the fascism, communism, nazism, imperialism and all others that imposed more uniformity than required by the state. Instead they rejected the Brahmana, and tried to compete with the fascists and colonists for a theory of uniformity.

          This quest has is failed, the article linked at top of this post merely states it in example of national census ( Caste is included to understand historical agents of classes, rather than races – that is the major difference between what Risley did, and what maoists/congress do ).  The uniformity that every man would be non violent is gone, its purpose was to beat down the colonial system, it is achieved its purpose in the day.Now,  Gandhism has been conquered, leftists and others  use it when they need to put on a mask, they leave it when it is attractive to step out.

  • Europeans demand uniformity, and they are powerful. One got to deal with them. One might be out of job, hounded by human rights organizations, maoists and others if european ideas are challenged.  The  solution is NOT  to find a still more encompassing uniformity, the solution is NOT to compete with the  socialists and fascists, in creating yet another bigger lie. 
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Time’s ‘Thinker’ list

It is a symptom of ‘time’ – literally – They found a maoist Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy as a top thinker of world, along with Amrtya Sen, Sonia Sotomayor …- The wise latina. Sanit Roy had to return an Aga Khan award for false claiming him to be an architect.  His favorite philosopher is Mao – An authoritarian in whose name ‘new democracy’ is implemented at gun point – It is a stalinist regime where the capital and life controlled by these party thugs with guns!

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Capital – In name of Party and Peasants

A map showing chinese investments. Asides weapons proliferation, Billions of world wide investment in  real estate, energy, mining and finance. Peasants of chinese communist party are bourgeoisie, Utopia is dead, by maoist logic, should they face the fate of the bourgeoisie?

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ABC News is back to age old standard

Here is the link.

Here is the quote “India accuses Pakistan of arming and training Muslim militants.Islamabad denies the charge, saying it only gives moral and diplomatic support to the rebels.” .

This was standard stuff until BJP Govt came to power. Each time the terrorists killed, the neutral BBC used to put such a disclaimer. Now this is after Kargil, Pakisthani Taliban, Drone attacks, Mumbai massacre covered widely in west and all that…

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Chopping off the castle build in a progressive mind

Progressives inevitably fight with a historical narrative, they are fanatical when the ‘time’ has a flow and they think they got it, when the left thinks it is on the right side of the time.

   The minimum they would need for confusion is to repeat that history is not on their side, and their time is past or has not arrived.

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Who am I ?

  It seems British stole this question ( With Pun intednded for anglicized Indians). Skull measurement of India, and creating an entire army of anglicized class with Indian looks was not enough lesson. To quote dailymail on average british :

38in waist trouser and measures 41in around the hips. The average woman has a 34in waist and also has 41in hips.

The Brits took the average, laser-scanned them naked and would create the statues.

These will form the centrepiece of the museum’s June exhibition on identity, called Who Am I?

While “secular” Nobela Laurates like  Amartya Sen of the world , anglicized guardians from North, south, east and west sweated at the specter of  burden of civilization, the British subjects were far more philosophical and inspirational to this question of who am i.

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